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Sale to end users and consumers

At Notis Penguin you will find products and services that are intended, intended and sold exclusively to final consumers, users or businesses. Commercial sale of products is not permitted.
You will also find various materials, parts and spare parts which require special know-how both for the right choice of the material and for installation. These products should not be purchased if you do not have the necessary know-how. For proper selection and installation or customization options, please contact our customer service department.

Customer Declaration

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Limitation of Liability

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Incorrect price or product attributes

Notis Penguin takes all the necessary technical and necessary measures for proper content reporting. Notis Penguin expressly reserves the right to misrepresent an oversight due to a human or technical factor

In addition, Notis Penguin uses Caching in the content of the pages and may indicate a different price, availability or other content in relation to the basket page. The difference that may occur between the pages takes a few minutes. In order to be sure of any price change, the price that is in the basket and during the process before payment and completion of the order must be taken into account. If you leave a product in your cart for a long time and re-update it, the price of the products will be automatically renewed according to the current data. If a product has an abnormally low price, without any particulars to justify it, please contact with us before ordering the product.

Order entry and product availability

Order entry does not automatically commit the inventory.

In cases of low inventory, Notis Penguin reserves the right not to execute an order or part of it, if availability in relation to demand proves to be inadequate. This will update. The final confirmation of availability is made when processing the order and collecting the products.

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